Humana #1 among healthcare providers on Forbes’ Just 100

At Humana, we’re working hard to improve the health of the communities we serve, in part by treating our employees fairly and by providing our health plan members the products and services they need to achieve their best health.

Once again, Humana is pleased to be recognized for our responsible business practices. We’ve been ranked number one among healthcare providers in Forbes’ inaugural “Just 100” rankings.

Forbes teamed up with Just Capital, a nonprofit that researches how some of the largest organizations act on issues like domestic job creation, treatment of both employees and customers, environmentally responsible practices, and business ethics. By surveying a representative segment of the public, Just Capital and Forbes were able to compile their list of publicly traded companies in America that perform best on the things Americans care most about. (A closer look at their methodology and ranking system can be found here.)

Humana was ranked at the top of our industry, not only because of our significant job creation over the last five years — growing from 32,000 U.S. employees to 52,000 since 2011 — but also because of our dedication to the health of our members and our associates (employees). Through our company programs, we’ve helped Humana associates reduce health risks by 16 percent over the past two years.

We’re honored to receive this recognition because it reflects the core of our mission: helping people achieve better health.

We’ve emphasized our commitment to our associates’ health before. It’s been a goal of ours to create a productive, positive work environment that benefits their health, and we’ve been excited with the results: Our HumanaVitality program has resulted in more healthy days and 27 percent lower healthcare costs for those associates involved* with the program.

As a healthcare business, we believe we need to “walk the walk” and start improving health within our company. But we also believe true national healthcare solutions start where our members’ are, and we strive to be a responsible member of the communities we serve as well. We’re humbled to receive this recognition because it means we’re getting even closer to our goals, and we’re only more motivated to continue dedicating ourselves to providing quality, affordable care through responsible business practices.

As our CEO Bruce Broussard has said, “We’ve seen firsthand that health is local; health is social; and health is hard,” but we’re committed to doing all we can to make it that much easier for our workforce and our members.

*Over three years, as compared to those who did not participate in HumanaVitality

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