Larry’s Perfect Experience

“The first conversation, I just thought, ‘well, it’s another telemarketer.’ But I soon found out it was more than that,” Humana member Larry remembers. “And I thank Humana for that.”

Larry worked with Humana employee and personal health coach Jen Campbell after he was diagnosed with a debilitating illness. Jen says, “Here as a personal health coach I can set goals with the member. I can guide them through their journey of well-being. I can encourage them and motivate them.” That’s exactly what she and Larry did.

When Larry faced his illness, Jen remembers saying to him, “Your health is going to come out in the end, and you’re going to overcome this.”

Through his illness and recovery, Larry felt supported by “the knowledge that I do have somebody that I can call upon that is willing to try to help me physically and emotionally.”

Watch Larry’s story of a perfect experience with Jen:

With Jen’s support, Larry began to take charge of his health and work to make each day healthier than the one before.

“I am very proud of Larry because he doesn’t let his condition, his disease, control his life now,” says Jen.

Larry credits Jen with helping him find this motivation. Larry says, “Is it a health partner? Yes, but it’s more than just that. To me, it’s definitely a close kindred spirit.”

Jen says a perfect experience with a member means “treating a member like I would my own family.”

Larry agrees. “It’s a perfect experience dealing with Jen and Humana. I know that I’m receiving the best care that I could.”

“I trust Jen,” Larry says. “That’s all I can say.”

Humana employees like Jen are constantly looking for ways to help members take charge of their health. They learn about each person’s unique situation and needs and find ways to make sure they have the ability to live their healthiest lives. Along the way, they strive to make each experience a perfect experience.

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