Humans of Blue Rock #19

“I’ve been married three times: Once for love and once for money. Still not sure why I married Kelly. It was the 80’s and I was high a lot.”

“I used to be a lot younger than this but I’ve really let myself go, age-wise.”

“My English teacher is really cute, I have this huge crush on him. So whenever I’m in his class, I always make sure to use perfect grammar and I try really hard in his class. It’s nice, because I’m actually becoming really interested in English and I’m doing really well. But we still haven’t hooked up. Then it hit me — opposites attract. He’s probably super tired of proper syntax and varied diction because he’s around it all the time. I rushed into class the next day to misuse English around him and found him kissing Miss Newfield. Her English is really good too, but she’s also a grown-up. I think Mr. Eckhart just doesn’t date 14-year-olds.”

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