Humans of Blue Rock #5

“When I was a little kid, I really wanted to be a tax attorney. But I grew out of that eventually. Now I’m a fireman.”

“I haven’t seen rain like this since Korea. You’d think, ‘Seoul is a nice place to vacation.’ Not so. My iPad got water damage.”

“I have this sinking feeling that my mom’s been having an affair. It’s really been stressing me out lately because I normally am super oblivious to everything. I didn’t realize my best friend had diabetes for three years. And for a while he was really sick. I even visited him in the hospital this one time and we played video games together, which my dad said really cheered him up. It wasn’t until after my dad explicitly mentioned that Kyle had diabetes that I realized he was always injecting himself with insulin and mentioning how he had to watch his diet really closely. I felt like a total idiot. But with my mom it’s incredibly obvious. Why is she so bad at having affairs?”

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