‘Experience the global standard of digital asset payment’
‘Experience the beauty of HummingPay’

HummingPay was born from a desire to breakdown the barriers of digital asset payment. We refuse to allow the status quo amongst existing payment providers to remain. As we embark on this journey of digital transformation, we take flight to become the ‘Trusted’ standard for all digital asset transactions with our multi-functioning payment solutions app.

HummingPay provides a high quality user experience, with simplicity and speed at the heart of its functionality for businesses and consumers. Today’s globally connected world demands a financial payments system that is progressive, facilitates the needs of its users and removes cost at the bottom line. Consumers, businesses and all industries deserve access to the power and speed of blockchain which HummingPay will utilise in its bespoke set of tools under development.

Established as a universal symbol of trust, we were founded on the principles of providing the first mass adopted and globally accepted digital asset payments system.

Driven by our desire of innovation, speed, trust and security, we have unified the ecosystem to bring the digital asset class to everyone.

With an increasing number of different ways to pay, different means of shopping, HummingPay is a safe and simple way to pay for your goods, services and more. It’s seamless and ready to use on any device, any time. And because it utilises the power of blockchain you can pay with confidence, knowing that the transaction is totally secure.

Come share the Nectar with us

We would like to take this opportunity to invite applications to be a part of the HummingPay family. It doesn’t matter if you are a company, an organisation, a charity or an individual, we want to hear from all people who want to help drive global adoption and acceptance of TRX and all Tron network tokens.

With an aim to work with each of our clients to reduce costs, we have created a solution for modern payment that is both extremely convenient and cost-effective from start to finish. HummingPay is easy to implement and requires only a single wallet account for payment processing. Easiest implementation in its class, and a great reduction in effort compared to previous payment method projects.

‘Each of us can make a difference, if we work together we make a change.’

‘Come share the Nectar with us.’


The HummingPay Team