Why “Arrival” inspired my hope for the future.

Have you ever had the experience of getting so lost, so absorbed in a movie that you still feel like you’re in the movie as you exit the theater and make your way home? Like you’re walking in the shoes of the main character, interpreting time and space as if you were them?

This is how I feel after viewing, “Arrival,” the story of a linguistics expert, Dr. Louise Banks (breathtakingly portrayed by Amy Adams), who is called to learn how to communicate with aliens while trying to unite a dozen global forces.

I won’t waste words trying to do what film reviewers do best, which is give a synopsis of the story. What I will say is that I believe this is a film that meets the time we’re in.

“Louise” symbolically portrays the power of empathy, vulnerability, intuition, and intellect to solve never-before-encountered, time-sensitive challenges. She stands out as the only female character in the film (besides her young daughter), and is the person who figures out a way to connect with the aliens and learns how to communicate with them. She is the one they come to trust, and in doing so, they guide her in how to use her gifts to ultimately save humanity.

Louise bravely takes off her gear to meet an alien in “Arrival.”

As I was watching the film, I couldn’t help but think, “Is this a big Hollywood movie about how empathy saves us all?”

It just might be.

I will gladly fight for a future in which empathy, sensitivity, and vulnerability, combined with bright intellect, are seen as gifts.

I will gladly fight for a world where qualities deemed more feminine are seen not as assets to own or exploit, but are respected and given room to breathe.

I will gladly fight for a future where bravery is not a cloak thrown on to prove a point or steal power, but is enacted because it is the only way to act. A world where brave action is guided by intuition; by a deep knowing of what must be done.

I will gladly fight for a future where interdependence is assumed. Where we help each other because we know we will at some point need help, and because we all agree that’s just how this s*%t works best.

Humanity needs more stories like this right now.

Empaths, highly sensitive people, therapists, bodyworkers, coaches, light workers, energy workers, guides, teachers, storytellers, futurists, artists of all kinds: I urge you to see this film.

It may be that the world is more ready to receive us, more in need of our gifts, than I believed mere hours ago.

In sensitivity,

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