The Origin of Humoral Medicine

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  • Published on January 7, 2017

Dr. Khaled Hijazi, Dr. Hani AlBatal

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Prophet Adam when he exited Paradise, Allah taught him the workmanship of everything — all necessary aspects for living on earth, including medicine science. Adam taught some of its bases to his children, like the fact, that there are four Natures: hotness, coldness, wetness and dryness. Also, all herbal drugs are divided into these four natures.

Likewise, the origin of the science of the pulse, from which can be known the condition of the interior chief organs like the heart, the liver, the brain and others, as well as numerous internal illnesses, is also from the prophets. Then the people enlarged their knowledge. It was Prophet Adam, who taught his children some of the fundamentals of the pulse science.

*Humoral medicine is the correct reference for all medical science*

Humoral Medicine is the Genuine medicine and is the reference for all medical science. Humoral Medicine is built based on the four natures: Hotness, coldness, wetness and dryness. *The balance/moderation of these natures is the cause for good health, and the dis-balance/exiting from the state of balance/moderation is the cause of illness*.

Written by: *Doctor Khaled Hijazi and Doctor Hani al-Batal*

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