The Principles of Treatment by Medicament and Food

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  • Published on January 28, 2017

Dr. Khaled Hijazi, Dr. Hani AlBatal

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The causes of illnesses are due to non-moderation of the sections of changes of the four humors as aforementioned. The treatment of illnesses is by eliminating its origin of cause namely by eliminating the non-moderation form by its counteractive form, by reinstating the moderation form namely health, through moderating the temperaments of these humors in the body.

*The treatment of the excess or decline of causative humor, whether blood or yellow bile or phlegm or black bile, is by counteractive treatment*.

Therefore the temper of the proper medicament and food is specified after knowing the temper of the disease to be treated counteractively.

Likewise the dose and weight of the medicament and food is specified according to the intensity of the disease, the gender of the patient, his age and habits, career, form and strength; in addition to the temperament of season, air, time and country.

Written by: Doctor Khaled Hijazi and Doctor Hani al-Batal

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