A Fork in the Road
Vinny Lingham

I agree with Vinny but we need talk about the other side of the story:

One of the most important question is: what is going to happen if bitcoin failed to scale? Many say it will die out eventually, but the reality is no one really knows.

According to some BU supporters, Segwit will permanently lock the blockchain size to 1 MB, as a result bitcoin will never be able to scale at the block level.

Segwit suggest that we use other methods to scale bitcoin, like the lightning network. But BU supports say this is not a decentralised transaction method, and they suggest lightning network will create many centralised nodes like paypal.

I’m not sure if any of these are true as they involve too much technical details that the public won’t be able to verify(even most of the miners don’t really know, and they are controlled by the mining pool managers).

Personally I don’t want to see any hard fork, and I believe scaling is a engineering problem that can be solved eventually without raising the block size limit. The downside of this is it will add complexity to the bitcoin network, but I don’t think this is going to be a problem in anyway.

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