We can’t possibly fail.

I’m making a game with my roommates, and I’ll document as much of the tremendous mess as possible.

A lot of my motivation for making a game comes from seeing all the shit games out there and wanting to contribute to the pile of crap that everybody leaves behind on their way forward. I hope that I’ll learn a lot about:

  • Sound Design
  • Working with assholes
  • Finishing a project

I don’t know what the game will be about when it’s done, but the working concept is a Tureg inspired main character must avenge their dead family by finding a gun in desert ruins to kill a monster that murdered her family. I want it to have a cyber-punk/desert feel and I want it to be scary (at least creepy). Simple.

I know that ideas like this tend to screw the project before it’s started so I have introduced some limitations to the scope:

  • No dialogue
  • One Level/Map
  • For the first deadline (Sep 7th 2016): No enemies or combat, just an explorable map with art and music assets in place.

I’ll a picture we are using to base our character concept off of.

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