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“Bite the hand that starved her”

She starved herself. She got one of the most useless, non-sought-after degrees on Earth. Then, she moved to the most expensive city in the US. Then, she got her own apartment, which she DOES NOT SHARE with anyone. If she had a roommate, her living expenses would be cut dramatically.

How stupid can she be, and why is that Yelp’s problem?

“a bait and switch job that didn’t pay a living wage”

Are you telling me that she accepted a job without knowing what the pay was?

“You are a spoiled ass. Your Randroid excuses are tone deaf and nasty.”

You don’t have to be a Randroid to realize that majoring in something useless, moving to the most expensive city in America, wasting your money on booze, and not getting a roommate to help reduce costs, IS STUPID. This woman has made a series — CONTINUES to make a series — of bad mistakes, and you’re here telling her how it’s everyone’s fault except for hers.

Stop it.

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