We are Stronger Together

Hunter and I participated in the NISG Debate, Tuesday night, explaining and highlighting our platform that looks to bring all perspectives of UNI together. Mental Health has no reservation based on skin color, religious beliefs, sexual identity or other aspects that makes each of us unique. Sustainability can only be achieved by encouraging full campus participation. Finally, student engagement is further achieved through collaboration and persistence in key areas of campus life.

During the debate, Jaminson and Friel raised their concern that we have not reached out to student organizations improving minority students’ experience on campus, specifically UNI Black Student Union and UNI Hispanic Latino Student Union.

Our campaign responded during the debate tweeting that we were “rejected” from BSU’s and HLSU’s meetings. This is a misinterpretation of the correspondence.

On February 8th, we sent emails to as many student organizations as we could. We specifically emailed both President’s of each organization: Jada (BSU) and Alexis (HLSU).

BSU never responded to our request on February 8th or our second email on February 10th — requesting a meeting with their executive team, if a full-member meeting could not be scheduled.

HLSU responded on February 8th informing the campaign that their next scheduled meeting is February 24th, the last day to vote. We offered to schedule a meeting with their executive team and Alexis responded on February 12th stating she will see if their executive team could schedule a meeting, suggesting Wednesday the 17th as an open day, and said she’d be in contact over the weekend. This was after our February 11th conversation with their adviser, Jesus Lizarrag, and our follow-up email requesting a meeting with HLSU’s executive team. We still have not received confirmation if Wednesday’s meeting is available.

We only share this detailed explanation to show that we have reached out to the proper contacts in each organization. Jaminson’s comments during the debate are unfounded and incorrect. We accept our mistake for tweeting a response that did not accurately reflect our efforts. Also, we understand it is the organization’s discretion on who they invite to speak in front of their members. We are disappointed that the debate focused heavily on this false accusation that was not properly responded to on Twitter.

Our campaign provides clear, accomplishable solutions that makes UNI Stronger Together.

We are continuing our efforts to schedule meetings with leadership and members of each organization. It is not enough for us to accept a scheduling conflict when each campus perspective is essential in understanding the issues of students at UNI.

We are available for all students to talk about our platform and any issues not specifically addressed through multiple formats: Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. If you are free, we are tabling in the Union Thursday and Friday from 11a-1p to meet in person.

-Avery Johnson

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