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How to change the color of objects in Photoshop with Hue and Saturation

Get the Quick Selection tool in your toolbar. If you don’t see your toolbar, go to Window ► Tools at the very top, and make sure it’s checked off.

Hold Control and Option (Alt) and drag your mouse right to make a brush bigger or left to make it smaller. Drag up to decrease the brush hardness or down to increase it. Let’s set ours to 100% hardness.

Click and start drawing around the area you want selected. If you go outside the area, don’t worry! Hold Option (Alt) to turn the Quick Selection from a plus to a minus and paint away the area you don’t want selected. Continue the selection until you’ve traced out the area you want.

We’ll add a feather to our selection to make the edges softer. Go to Select ► Modify ► Feather. Set the radius to 0.5 pixels and click “OK.”

Next, let’s add a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer, which can be found in your Adjustments panel. If you don’t see the panel, make sure it’s checked off in Window ► Adjustments. Adjust hue, saturation, and lightness/darkness until you get your desired color.

Now let’s make sure we also change the color of the reflection. Make sure you have your mask selected on the Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer. Hit “B” on our keyboard and switch to the Brush tool.

Make sure your foreground color is set to white. If it’s black, just hit “X” on your keyboard to quickly switch. Adjust the size of the brush and set the hardness to 0% using the same technique that we used with the Quick Selection tool. This will give us more control when we start to mask.

Hit “6” on your keyboard to set the opacity at 60% and hold Shift while hitting “6” on your keyboard to set Flow to 60% as well. Now, start painting the red jacket in the reflection. If you paint an area you didn’t mean to, just hit “X” to switch to black and paint away those spots.

And there you have it, we quickly changed the color of the jacket in just a few minutes!

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