Emilio isn’t your average NSCC student. He hails from Columbia, originally studying medicine but now, studying business. NSCC hosts students from all over the world. Emilio is one of them.

“My university back in Columbia offered me two choices: here or Denmark” He goes on to say, “And English is way easier than Danish, so that’s the main reason!”

Emilio studied medicine three years ago at university in Colombia. He found it really fun to go to clinics and talk to patients, to actually do something. He enjoys the business program here at NSCC but wishes it could be a bit different.

“The teachers only expect you to read a book and take a quiz about it, rather than use critical thinking or elaborate on your own answers. It’s easy to remember a few pages.”

Emilio wishes the school was more sport friendly, with more sports teams to join. He went on to list some examples of sports he’d like here, such as, soccer, hockey, basketball, any options really.

He finds that English can be a barrier to meeting people and expressing himself. He described it as an obstacle, finding it weird to speak in another language having to actually think out what he wants to say before saying it.

“Meeting people is a little bit hard for me, I’m shy and language will always be an obstacle for me to really express myself. It’s weird to speak in another language because you actually need to think what you are saying, in Spanish I just say it.”

Overall, Emilio loves NSCC, Canada, and his course.

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