Depictions of Struggle & Light in Daily Journaling: A Transparent Look into the Self-Actualization of a New Entrepreneur

As the feeling of which I was a part of comes to pass
I am reminded of still the work in which is to be done.
It feels so real in the moment, as it does in this.
But if I am to conquer that which lies here before me,
I mustn’t.
For reality is that which we make of it.
Or is it that which makes us?
A choice.
The answer.
It becomes that which we choose and choice mustn’t be hampered
By the same dream upon which we wake.
A certainty regained in writing.
And now thanks to have arrived
At this newfound state for which my essence can be founded.
Thirty-one years of not listening.
We can’t know better than thy Greatest Teacher of All.
Life itself is the true leader and master
And we are simply to leave all hope behind
To become the hope that is today
This moment.
I feel renewed again.

This post is a stream of consciousness and a real-time poetic reflection of the human experience to discover the power of journaling to return us to a present state. Journaling had been something that had eluded me in purpose, reason and intent for virtually all of my life, until as of recent. It now shows its purpose as something powerful to work through the uncertain thoughts and emotion that accompany the journey of self-actualization and entrepreneurship. While it’s hard to fully encapsulate the specific feelings that accompany journaling, as someone not only quite recently lacking an understanding, to now have reason enough to explore it as a regular activity. I hope these deemings lead to someone else discovering its benefits in their own way as well.