Expressing the Feeling of Being with God Itself.

Simply how does one even begin to describe the light that no doubt shines from within us.

A light that engulfs Being and communicates with every cell of an existence now validated no better than, enough.

Unmistakable in its essence to be none other than God itself. An emotion. No. Not something that will ever leave once felt but rather, in alignment that with what always was but only since realized to be.

Each moment of our lives thus far, most too loud and distracted to listen to feelings of truth that could lead to discover its Essence, just beneath all which we have not chosen to face.

To all humans I wish this, an undying joy that is pure and authentic in nature.

Nothing more. Nothing less. We are all capable of Being, should we only care to feel that which is already and has always been inside of us.

Hunter Armstrong Brankamp

Written by

Full Transparency of the Self in the Quest for Self-Actualization • Founder of humankind(er) • Deemings of the Authentic Self in Positivity & Kindness 🕉️