Full Commitment of Being: The Real Reward

To know That you Are One-hundred percent committed To the work never-before-seen except for only in your mind The feeling of full faith Yes. That’s it. A feeling so full of Being. So rich in Universal energy. I will stop at nothing to make this happen! The world needs this. These feelings. To write the narrative again for the first time. With the hand of action A hand uniquely mine but not. For left to my devices I Am nothing. But then to gain everything upon a release of will To that which is no longer fully mine. A boldness in clarity that which evades the vastness of humanity. Could this be it? Could this be a key to unlock the answers to the greatest puzzle In the history of the human consciousness? What stops us What prevents us from the dream. The life we could never imagine, and so don’t. It’s no wonder we don’t make it happen. Because If we don’t make it happen. Our will cannot become outside our own. We are vehicles for something greater. And until we begin to act. As such. All hope is lost. No. It is within me. ~ ~

In this article, the concepts of having the emotional fortitude to create a clarity among our goals presents itself. The universal human questions of, “How do I know what I want?” lend no answers and as such, we relieve ourselves of the pressure of demanding a feeling of “certainty” (i.e. feeling of emotional comfort) before embarking on what is potentially the most power of human skills in regards to our ability to create. For reality is simply a matter of perception, and in believing that our world is a certain way, we tap into a miraculous feedback loop of reality-perception-reality to actually create the world in which we experience. As I write this subtext, the clarity gained as a result into this concept is both striking and frightening as the realization occurs that a realization may have just occurred. I end with an insight into the power of journaling.

Hunter Armstrong Brankamp

Written by

Full Transparency of the Self in the Quest for Self-Actualization • Founder of humankind(er) • Deemings of the Authentic Self in Positivity & Kindness 🕉️