The Drive of Self to Be, at the Surface.

As a lifelong writer, I’ve run circles around most of my classmates and colleagues when it comes to putting words on [virtual] paper.

Why should you care though right?

How did I feel before, and after, I wrote what I’m about to share with you?

Is it selfish to think that the changes we feel in our sense of well-being as a result of doing what we are meant to do, are universal human dealings that could help the next, or the next?

Why should we limit our thinking to be that of, “Just because it works for me, it won’t work for others?”

Why do this? Write. Play music. Be a chemist. Explore. Paint. Analyze a business. Dance. Move.

Isn’t it just, to get this thing closer to the surface? This Self, so they call it.

How can I feel so much better after having just written? Not questioning why I must but, why don’t I more often.

“We come to terms with the way things are.”

That includes the fact that, I’m a writer, and not a botanist. Or anything else.

I accept my nature and simply, be.

What else is there beyond this? Why do we create such an existential dilemma when what if, the answers to our biggest questions were simply just a feeling a way?

Yeah. That’s right. What if the answer, was a feeling?

I think once you feel it, you’d understand it. Because to feel, wait for it…


Means that in this moment, you’ve done what is asked of you, and simply, there’s no feeling like it.

The irony though, is that the more we decide to do what we must in order to feel it, the more we help others to get closer to themselves (if even not knowing it), and we increase the chance of this awareness one day taking root in them as well.

It’s a beautiful thing, and the biggest gift we can give to humanity.

So give it.