The Feeling

A welcome relief, this space. Here. Now. Is there anything more perfect than… This. I don’t think I’ve ever-expressed it better But Still I don’t know why I’m doing this. But If I’m being honest, if feels right. This search. This search I’m on feels right. How can I get this feeling out of me. That’s it. That’s what it is. This feeling. It has to go. It has to go somewhere. But, not without reason! It’s here, in me, for a reason! We wouldn’t be here otherwise! And now, just now, to share it with you Can you believe I’ve been so lucky to allow it? We search inside of us, outside of us. For our whole lives. What does it all mean? It’s simply us. This Self. Longing to connect. And to Touch those who it will. For the sole fact that it needs to. And nothing else. It doesn’t matter. Nothing else matters.


Hunter Armstrong Brankamp is a multi-disciplinary writer, philosopher, entrepreneur & self-proclaimed action-sports style connoisseur, aimed at channeling the unique feeling of the Authentic Self in all disciplines. Furthermore, he is dedicated to highlighting instances of the Authentic Self in others so as to increase awareness of this ever-important feeling.

Hunter Armstrong Brankamp

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Full Transparency of the Self in the Quest for Self-Actualization • Founder of humankind(er) • Deemings of the Authentic Self in Positivity & Kindness 🕉️