The First No

It stings That first feeling of turning down your dream With none more than a simple line about being all set No reason. No explanation for why you weren’t good enough but To also know that It’s not Maybe it was simply too much for this one person to handle They couldn’t stand another project Any other project It simply wasn’t mean to be We go our whole lives asking Reaching Our for that one hand to listen What we all so desperately need to feel Is that we are Who we think we are It’s foolish, human. To think we need another to validate our existence. And yet When our existence is in service to others A most noble and human cause It matters If not to us but to others For them to hear us as we so desire This is the struggle The inner journey we so desperately seek to be a part of.

Hunter Armstrong Brankamp

Written by

Full Transparency of the Self in the Quest for Self-Actualization • Founder of humankind(er) • Deemings of the Authentic Self in Positivity & Kindness 🕉️