The Wall

I knew it would come. The reality is that, this is the way things are. There’s no way around it. To come face-to-face with everything to ever want. Everything you could ever ask for. A fifty-fifty chance to have your dream move forward. We have to learn somehow. We have to learn to communicate with others that which we can do for them. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is the wall in which we must climb over. But, is there not a more noble wall? The wall that we, ourselves, have built in front of us? It seems insurmountable, if I’m being honest. To cower under its shadow. To question. Here, I face a choice. A crossroads. I start. Or I do not. It’s just that simple. Why can’t it flow just like these words? Maybe it can…. Yes, I choose to let it. Here. Now, I sit. With renewed hope. Faith. My god…is this it?! Is THIS how it works? In this process, I see now that journaling moves past that which Stands between us And everything we hope and dream. Now, to arrive in thanks. I can’t believe this happened. I sit here, renewed. Ready to do my life’s work.


This is a stream of consciousness in the present reflection of the reaching of an understanding that in order to begin progressing further towards building the business that I envision, I must face the emotions of fear, uncertainty, self-doubt and intimidation that I must now sell my idea to brands. These are the deemings of Hunter Armstrong Brankamp, in his quest to self-actualize while sharing the personal triumphs and tribulations along the way in order to cultivate a communal understanding of the spiritual challenges resulting from a decision to do as such.

Hunter Armstrong Brankamp

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Full Transparency of the Self in the Quest for Self-Actualization • Founder of humankind(er) • Deemings of the Authentic Self in Positivity & Kindness 🕉️