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I make my living as a pipeline construction inspector. I intend to vote for Hillary Clinton. Pipelines have become the trendy object of protest. Our nation’s economy is largely dependent on domestic oil and gas production. We enjoy low fuel prices, strengthening our economy due in large part to fracking technology. The media has a strong bias against fracking, however agriculture contaminates far more ground water, dropping 40 billion tons of herbicides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers directly on the surface of Earth annually and leeching into wells.

I’m assuming all the protesters drove cars to the protest . . . cars that burn gas or diesel. They painted signs with petroleum based paints or inks. The author of this story wrote on a computer made from petroleum based components such as plastic and it was shipped to the Best Buy or to his home from Amazon by diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is the blood of our economy. Without diesel there is no food in the supermarket. No consumer goods of any kind. Without domestic production we go back to buying Saudi oil. The protesters can be considered anti-American in that case.

Pipelines are like highways. Our nation’s infrastructure of oil and gas pipelines require constant upkeep and modernization.

Big Tobacco kills 480,000 Americans a year. Alcohol kills another 88,000 per year. Where are the protesters? Where is the outrage?

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