Why Having a System is Essential to Increasing Your Creative Output
Srinivas Rao

Here’s a caveat with having a system:

If you’re writing articles, that give advice, I think authors should put the information of their content first.

I don’t wan’t to read an article, that was motivated by “I have to write one more piece this week, what can I write about? I can write something about procrastination, I have read tons of tips on it, that I can repurpose here, and it’ll make for a great headline.”

Rather I’d like to read something that was motivated by “ I was killing it the last month ant it was all because of this amazing idea. I have to share it with my audience the best way I can!”

I actually plan do start a blog within the next few weeks. And when I share an idea in an article it will only be after I have tested it for a while.

The blog will be a side project and I hope I won’t need a system/writing schedule to be motivated. The content should be ignited by my life and arise naturally.

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