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Inclusive Marketing and Web Development for the Visually Impaired

It’s estimated that 1.3 billion people on earth suffer from some form of visual impairment, with the potential to negatively affecting their ability to consume online content. The internet of today is highly accessibly to the visually impaired, but unless you’re actively taking steps with them in mind, you could still be limiting your ability to reach them. With a few simple best practices, you can ensure that your posts and pages are not only attention-grabbing, authoritative and well positioned, but also easily accessible to all.

Inclusive Marketing

Inclusive marketing means being conscious of, and structuring content as a result of, the myriad of audiences and perspectives in your marketing endeavors. This is a broad and dynamic field that takes into account any number of factors including gender, age, race, income, disability and more. When it comes to the visually impaired, this of course includes news, products and other content directed at them. …


Husaria Marketing

Husaria Marketing is a Polish and native English digital marketing agency

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