Governments Can Greatly Encourage a Healthier Private Sector.

Today, maybe 6 out of 10 people may express their frustration from their jobs and it all goes down to the unnecessary stress levels that those people are being exposed to by incompetent managers and bosses who lack the basic skills of leadership and support toxic corporate cultures.

Everytime you think of a potential in-house solution for those severe mental wellness issues at work places, the answer comes in a form of “ You can’t do anything about it, it’s a leadership problem”.

In my personal opinion, governments across the world can…

No Respect? No Deal!

Close their account and collect all the outstanding dues…

A decision I have taken tens of times across the past 20 years against anyone or any entity who used to abuse and disrespect our people while crossing the limits of a respectful business partnership in any abusive manner, and yes it can be a Client..

I have witnessed several situations where unprofessional individuals who work for very respectful companies have crossed their limits with many of the teams whom i had the privelege to lead across the years in different organizations, and those unprofessional individuals are…

Empower them as long as you have the Power.

Get me your manager, Who is the manager here ? I want to talk to a Duty Manager now!!!!

Something we may hear every day almost everywhere, be it a restaurant, a hotel, an airline counter, a retail store, a government services center, etc…..

Do you think customers really care about the title itself of that manager whom they are asking for ?

They ask for a manager because they want someone who can take a decision and most of the time they deserve the decision that needs to be taken…

The Real Secrets behind my leadership skills.

Across my 20 years in business, I have dealt with many types of managers and leaders, and by going back with my memory into every bitter moment with any of them and every good moment I had with them, it makes me realize how all those types of leaders I worked under made me emerge as the leader whom I always wanted to be.

I can combine all of them into 2 types of leaders, the good ones who crafted my leadership skills and the incompetent ones who made me emerge as a…

Don’t Let Them Throw You Under the Bus

The Corporate world is full of different types of leaders and managers, many are perfect and others are barely qualified to lead or manage a business or a group of people.

You will face almost everywhere those types of managers or leaders who will backstab their people and are ready to do anything bad when their own jobs are jeopardized and their over promises start to get under delivered due to the domination of logic.

I don’t believe in the concept of hidden agendas by bad bosses, it’s more of the innocence…

The GCC Postal Operators Are Shining Again.

When we hear the word local post or local postal operators, the first thing that comes to the mind of many people is a simple envelope, a letter, and a traditional mailbox.

In my own opinion, this is changing big time, especially in this region and with most of the GCC postal operators.

I have been in the courier and logistics industry for the last 21 years, and this the first time i feel extremely excited to explore synergies and potential partnerships with the postal operators in this region because of the major…

Having spent most of my career in the Private sector, I never really thought of shifting gears and move into the Public sector until I got the opportunity to join the Government sector as an Advisor back in 2018, an Advisor in one of the most prestigious government offices in the world.

I didn’t know what to expect, what will the working culture look like, how i will perform, what will be the working environment, however I was fully aware of the great opportunity of bringing the best practices of the private sector to the public sector and also learning…

It makes a big difference

Everyday we are exposed to those special treatments and excellent service levels from exceptional front liners at every touch point during our daily activities, but we rarely pause for a moment and wonder how good was that person who was serving us as a human being and not only as a well trained frontline paid employee.

Our expectations as customers are always high and we barely acknowledge any of those good moments, while our human nature pushes us more to waste our energies in being as loud as it takes when things go wrong and…

When i moved to the Gulf during Q1 of 2001, i never imagined the speed of personal growth that i was going to be exposed to by then.

I left my country to seek a brighter future and the future has been really brighter than expected.

The incredible impact of living in a multicultural environment is priceless and gives you a global mindset with a local commitment to every country you live in or have operations in.

When i grew into my Executive Roles, my Regional responsibilities kicked in and the 6 countries that fall under the GCC were always…

Bullying at work? I personally can never tolerate allowing it nor working with anyone who encourages it.

Bullying in schools can be reported to teachers and principals and actions can be taken on the spot.

But what about bullying at work ? Who should it be reported to and who can stop it in case it was endorsed by the top layers?

Bullying at work places mostly happens by those people who stretch their fake muscles due to their close relationships with big names in the organizations.

The real problem is when bullying and cornering people is part of a…

Hussein Wehbe

CEO | Public and Private Sector Experience | People and Culture centric | Leading in the Logistics and Delivery space

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