What’s your goal weight loss or health?

“Why not both??”
If you ask the average person , the majority will say they need to or would like to loose a few pounds. The real question is how do you want to go about it. There are numerous ways to lose weight,a million different fad diets. The problem is diets typically don’t last. We are all familiar with New Years Resolutions, on a good year maybe you last till March and more than likely you will end up worse off than when you started.

So why not get out of the yo-yo diet cycle and decide to get healthy. The best part of that is weight loss will be one of the many benefits. Getting healthy is a lot more than weight loss and can change your life for the best. There are 3 main components of healthy lifestyle.

First is Lifestyle Nutrition; eat real food. As I said earlier the are tons of foods choices and I have my thoughts on what work best but that’s for another article. Eat real foods,unprocessed natural foods are best. Try avoid highly processed foods and the hidden problem in almost everything SUGAR.

Secondly is get out and be active. Now this doesn't mean you need to spend 2 hours in the gym and then pound the pavement for crazy miles. Just like the food be sensible, regular walks a few times a week parred with sprints or short burst cardio activities once a week. Along with cardio you should include strength training. This will vary on your current activity level but again its not rocket science, simple body weight programs can be a great way to get started. A few quick sessions per week will do the trick, not only will strength training improve muscle tone but it can increase bone density as you age along with the advantage of burning calories throughout the day not just during the workout.

Last but definitely not least is Sleep. Sleep is often forgotten about as part of a healthy lifestyle. Now everyone is different when it comes to sleep but I can promise you that burning the candle at both ends will lead to problems over time; unless your Gary Vaynerchuk. Proper sleep helps your body and mind recover from the days activity. A sleep schedule can also be beneficial, going to bed and waking up the same time everyday allows you body to get into a rhythm. There is definitely another article in the befits of sleep and how to get the most out of your body…..coming soon.

The final and probably the most important part of this puzzle Why are you doing this? The reason can and should many, live a longer happier life, general health, be there for your family, set a good example for your children. All the above are valid reasons but none of them matter if you don’t first decide to do it for yourself. There will always be people questioning you or say no do it this way. Believe me I still encounter it today nearly 3 years after going Paleo / Primal. Wow that’s extreme, or my favorite that doesn't sound healthy, as they finish their chicken fingers and fries. Do your research and find what works for you, put your head down to get after it. Once you decide you are going to do it, no one can stop you….