WoW! Over month ago we welcomed our first guests into the huts and what a month it has been.

We have had so many lovely guests, it has been quite overwhelming.

Unfortunately the timing of the huts being ready coincided with our family holiday to France. So as we jetted off to a sunnier climate Haily was left in charge. I found it so difficult to leave the huts as they began their new chapter, after two years of planning and work and then missing our first guests.

Happy holidays!

But i need not have worried Haily (very much thrown in at…

Two years after the words Shepherds Huts were muttered in our kitchen on a sunny June evening they are complete!

I feel quite emotional! Its been a long road with many twists and turns, ups and downs but in the end i couldn’t be happier with them. They have exceeded my expectations and i’m so looking forward to showing you.

Paul and his team at The Northumberland Shepherds Hut company have done a fantastic job and completely ‘got’ our rustic luxury concept. …

Hut Food

Food………something which occupies my mind most of the time. With three children and a hungry husband to feed, rustling up meals is how i spend a lot of my time. Luckily for me it is also my passion, any spare moment is spent delving through cookery books, of which i have a few……!

What can i say…. its an addiction!

But on this occasion I’m thinking about food for the huts…. what will people need/want whilst staying.

Breakfast being the first port of call. Three different options (is that too few?!) to suit everyones tastes.

The Forest Basket —containing delicious homemade nutty Granola, seasonal compote…

We have had an exciting couple of months here……. the huts have arrived!

New beginnings

2018 brings great excitement to Prendwick, our hill farm in rural Northumberland.

We are expecting a new arrival — in fact THREE new arrivals! No not babies (have three of those already) not lambs or calves (as per the norm) but three beautiful, brand new shepherds huts.

In 2016 on a beautiful summers evening, Jamie (my husband) and I (i’m Nicola by the way) were walking along the red track behind the farm looking down the valley — the view stretches for miles and miles and we thought how mad is this, not another soul can see how…


Based in Northumberland, our rural hill farm Prendwick has three luxury shepherds huts. Perfect to escape and unwind!

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