Who Gains from Cannabis Prohibition?

The 5 pillars supporting cannabis prohibition all seek power and/or money. It’s unbelievably simple if you understand who wins by keeping a harmless weed from the millions seeking it’s benefits. The time has come to inform others and take a stand to end this austerity.

Cannabis is an indigenous plant to many continents and has been used medicinally for 10,000 years. Cannabis is used to treat many ailments and some historians believe Jesus used cannabis oils and tonics to treat the sick. Toxicity levels from cannabis are too high for humans to die from consuming (unlike many of today’s dangerous pharmaceutical drugs).

Recently, cannabis has been found to be the only effective treatment for PTSD, migraine headaches, and the most heartwarming — childhood seizures. Cannabis is a weed, therefore the production costs will always remain low. States with legal cannabis saw a 26% drop in medicare costs, a 25% reduction in opiate overdose deaths, and millions in tax revenues funding new jobs, real estate, and many schools.

So, why is the work of Dr. Ralph Mechoulam and so many ground-breaking research papers not easily accessible, promoted or even talked about extensively?

The simple answer: with no knowledge, comes no outcry. The 5 pillars supporting cannabis prohibition believe their profits to be more valuable than the harm caused on our current society. Constant dialogue will bring more information to the much ill-informed public. Did you know that alcohol is the dangerous “gateway drug” we’ve feared so much (not cannabis as we’ve been told our entire lives)?

The 5 pillars are:

  • US Government (power)
  • Pharmaceutical, Tobacco & Alcohol Industries (money)
  • Local Government Municipalities (money)
  • Federally Funded Agencies (money)
  • Lawyers (power + money)

The US Government uses marijuana prohibition to control, track and oppress the population. Harry J. Anslinger criminalized marijuana in the 1930–40s against the wishes of the US Medical Board and as a means to avoid shuttering the DEA branch. He used the power to arrest artists and musicians, blacks and recent Mexican immigrants. JFK used cannabis to treat chronic back-pain and understood it’s medicinal value. He intended to legalize marijuana during his second term (since this would cause the 5 pillars to collapse, he was killed by the secret service). Richard Nixon, known as an alcoholic racist, again went against the medical community ignoring the Shafer Commission. He used the power for continued racial profiling. Today, the US Government uses prohibition to collect data. Governments like information and with more people being arrested for cannabis use, the more data they obtain.

The Pharmaceutical, Tobacco and Alcohol Industry fear cannabis legalization will hurt their profits. Not only is cannabis a healthier alternative to pills, smokes and drinks, but cannabis is also much cheaper and more demanded. Instead of competing and getting into the game to make safer products, they pay lobbyists (Kevin Saget) and for propaganda (Reefer Madness) to spread lies in order to run the profit machine. By keeping cannabis illegal — the best product is unavailable and weaker alternatives gain market share and set inflated prices.

Local Government Municipalities use marijuana prohibition to fund their operations. If cannabis was legal, police would see a 50% drop in arrests and fines/fees/assets collected. What they don’t understand, is that the current police backlash would be reduced if police stopped arresting people for cannabis possession. Local Governments mistakenly believe they gain more by arresting people than by reducing unneeded expenses (from these arrests and possible damage caused by civilian unruliness). Local Governments would gain more in legal sales and distribution of cannabis through lower costs and higher tax revenues.

Federally Funded Agencies use marijuana prohibition to simply keep their jobs. The job market sucks and no one wants to fire themselves, so the DEA and FDA have no incentive to legalize. With weed legal, both departments would be cut drastically (DEA has less fish to catch and the FDA has less harmful pills to approve as more patients prefer medical cannabis treatments). These groups have close pharmaceutical ties and often influence elected officials as most politicians publicly oppose marijuana reform — unless their loved ones need medical cannabis. Filing in 1998, the US Health and Human Services holds a patent on cannabis.

Lastly, the MAIN REASON MARIJUANA IS FEDERALLY ILLEGAL is to allow LAWYERS the ability to keep defending those arrested and collecting fees from them. When one lawyer is needed on a marijuana case, one less lawyer is available for other cases (murder, sexual assault, battery, …). This causes a massive chain-effect in the court system as drug offenses account for 50% of the prison population. If cannabis was made legal, court cases would shrink and the need for lawyers would fall in half. Lawyers benefit from cannabis being illegal as they remain gainfully employed and greatly overpaid. Since lawyers have the most power in this country, marijuana will remain on the “most harmful drug” list appeasing the other 4 pillars.

Neither Clinton nor Trump will end this hypocrisy — Obama can, but ???