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Alex Jones and Megyn Kelly: The Irony of Jones’ whining

Megyn Kelly recently interviewed Alex Jones and for the time being, no one appears to be happy about it; least of all Sandy Hook victim family members who’ve had to endure constant harassment and even death threats by Sandy Hook truthers who’ve been duped by Alex Jones’ usual conspiracy narrative and yet too lazy to bother doing their own fact checking.

But what’s funny here is that Alex Jones of all people, is whining about what he feels is being tricked and ambushed into being asked questions he didn’t think he’d have to answer. This is the guy who crashes functions in order to ambush unsuspecting people with “gotcha” questions. Here he is interrupting a TYT recording (or broadcasting) under the claim that he was invited (even if he was, he clearly wasn’t invited to interrupt them in this manner). Jones then feigns surprise that Cenk gets angry.

This is not the only time he’s done this. He has interrupted other company/organization events and harassed members/employees.

This is the problem with people like Alex Jones: they play with fire then play the victim card when the chickens come home to roost. He refuses to own up to his own actions. For years her asserted that Sandy Hook didn’t happen. Now that it’s come back to haunt him, he pretends to have simply given “both sides” a platform and to have never denied that Sandy Hook happened. Unfortunately for Jones, reality exists, and it’s on video. Philip DeFranco recently covered this (Jones’ exact statements at 5:12).

He continues to post refuted nonsense on his site then he whines when Google (possibly) devalues as fake news, this becomes part of this “Google is trying to censor us because they are also part of the globalist conspiracy” narrative. Never mind of course, that Google also owns YouTube, a platform in which Jones can’t stop yapping about how well he’s supposedly doing.

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