Dave Rubin: Fake Liberal, De Facto Republican/Conservative & Trump Supporter

I was excited when the Rubin Report first aired. Finally an atheist/liberal who was willing to take on the annoying and toxic SJW (Social Justice Warrior) phenomenon. Finally someone who thought for themselves. Finally one more person willing to tackle political correctness for the RIGHT reasons. For f*ck sakes, finally a fellow liberal who didn’t automatically blame cops without waiting for something so simple as an autopsy.

Alas, countless episodes later and in the wake of a catastrophic Presidential election, Rubin’s channel has turned out to be little more than a megaphone for Republican/Conservative types. Sure, Rubin CLAIMS to be a liberal, and to simply want to clean out his own house. But what he in fact doing is giving the right a platform to share their views (unopposed), and argue against left/liberal views (unopposed). Very rarely are their liberal/left counterparts given a similar platform.

Here is how Rubin is a De Facto Republican/Conservative and Trump Supporter

Conservatives are given a platform to argue their views and argue against liberal views. Rubin not only DOESN’T defend any of those points, he then joins in to argue against the liberal views he tends to disagree with. He then defends people like Donald Trump against the bad arguments that liberals/the left tends to make and spends little/no time asserting the valid anti-Trump arguments (video below). Hence. he is in practice, SUPPORTING Donald Trump.

Sam Harris explains why a Trump Presidency will be a disaster

In all likelihood, Rubin is simply riding the anti-SJW movement/trend. His position as a “liberal” gives him a unique angle to attract viewers he would not normally not attract. What’s more: the anti-SJW rhetoric has been beaten into the ground. Yes, SJW’s make some hyperbolic (and usually, wrong) claims filled with emotional hysteria. Yes, they are annoying and toxic and are deserving of the rhetorical b*tch slaps they’ve been receiving. But their “arguments” boil into a few catchphrases regarding “racism,” “white privilege,” “gender pronouns,” etc.

Once you’ve heard 2 or 3 thorough bashing of SJW arguments, you’ve pretty much heard them all. SJW arguments don’t really have substance. Their “positions” make creationist arguments seem overwhelmingly academic by comparison. Yet Rubin continues to ride the wave of a long-dead horse and continues to provide a conservative platform.

The oldest straw man in the conservative playbook. Liberals prefer to have tighter regulations here and there so of course they want government to solve ALL our problems. Does Dave really believe this, or is this just click bait?

Of course, his argument that “if you allow someone to speak long enough, they hang themselves” is laughable. These speakers are essentially advertising, not having their views cross-sectioned and fact-checked. He’s basically allowing to use his show as free advertisement (if letting someone advertise their point of view is “hanging themselves,” then the entire advertising industry is built upon companies of all sizes budgeting to “hang themselves”). A perfect example of Rubin simply allowing a conservative to ram their (incorrect) argument across:

He recently had Larry Elder on (again) who incorrectly stated that economists generally agree that the Obama stimulus package didn’t help. As someone who was actually following economic news at the time, I know off the bat that this is untrue (IGM Forum, The Economist, NY Times, USA Today). But to anyone who wasn’t paying attention(or whose economic news is/was limited to Fox News) it might ring true. Elder did not “hang himself,” he was laughing himself all the way to his ideological bank. He was allowed to advance his own political ideology unopposed and un-fact checked.

If Obama’s stimulus package failed, someone needs to explain that to the data.

So whether or not Rubin is ideologically a Republican/Conservative and Trump Supporter, he is one in terms of the effect he has. My guess is that he understands what he is doing, is pretending not to, and simply riding this nice little niche he has created for himself as a “liberal” platform for conservative/anti-liberal arguments. Whereas people like Milo Yiannopoulos and Steven Crowder are clearly conservative ideologues (or in Milo’s case, probably just pretending to be), Rubin gets the liberal pass which adds “credibility” to his anti-liberal platform.

One other reason to doubt Rubin’s liberal card: He rarely makes a good case for being a liberal. He claimed to support Bernie Sanders but never had a good reason as to why (“He’s a nice person” is what he told Yiannopoulos). In fact, Rubin appears to have actually believed that Sanders wanted to raise the top marginal income tax rate to 90%. This is a myth, that many fell for but given Rubin’s position on taxes and government involvement it’s difficult to imagine he would have supported Sanders, especially if he believed Sanders intended to raise taxes so high for the wealthy.

And on the subject of Milo Yiannopoulos, it takes very little Googling to find out that the reason he was banned from Twitter was that he was impersonating Tweets (clearly outlined in Twitter’s TOS as grounds for a ban, and these forged Tweets resulted in racist attacks on the person he was impersonating) and instigating sustained attacks from his followers. Yet Rubin has perpetuated the false meme that Milo was banned over his political stance and has avoided mentioning the spoofed tweets or the fact that Milo’s targeting has resulted in a deluge of harassing (including racist) Tweets from his followers (against people who aren’t involved in the political sphere).

If you’re looking for an intellectually honest liberal, The David Pakman Show and Liberal Viewer are the best I’ve found. And you always have people like Sam Harris, though his attention to politics is occasional/sporadic at best. But The Rubin Report is a sham, possibly a Trojan horse. It’s just a platform for right wing rhetoric. Any liberals actually watching the show are being duped. Rubin is almost certainly just riding the anti-SJW wave by providing right wing view points with a platform.


Apparently Rubin refuses to have Sam Sedar on his show. To be perfectly honest, I can’t stand much of what Sedar says and he and his goons continually post bullsh*t straw man versions of what people like Sam Harris are actually saying. He’s a total regressive — butTHAT’S why he would make a perfect interviewee. He is a counterbalance to the Larry Elders of the world. But of course, Rubin is here to ride the anti-SJW wave, and to continue to cater to the right/ALT-right.

Cult of Dusty just posted a video on this, and it looks like other YouTubers have been taking notice.

  • ** I understand that liberal, left wing, and Classic Liberal are not not necessarily the same thing.

*** I wrote this in a super hurry because I have virtually no time to blog these days.

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