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Delusional Dinesh D’Souza Proves he’s Crazy — Trump Pardoned a Loon

Trump recently pardoned professional conservative, Dinesh D’Souza who has since gone on air claiming he was unfairly targeted for the crime to which he plead guilty. Here he his on CNN displaying some impressive mental gymnastics. It’s too bad neither CNN host brought up the small matter of Dinesh’s mistress’ husband producing audio that proved he knew he was breaking campaign finance laws.

Among his reasoning:

The judge was from New York, therefore working on behalf of the Democrats (right, because every New Yorker is bleeding heart liberal). This was all part of some Democratic take down on him (yet he somehow avoided jail time). His other “defense” is that his sentencing was some sort of outlier. Someone should tell this to John Junker who was sentenced to 8 months in prison for the same violation.

From Crooks and Liars:

“Prosecutors also said they had obtained a copy of a recording made surreptitiously last October by the husband of a woman Mr. D’Souza was involved with romantically around the time of the donations, when Mr. D’Souza was separated from his wife. In making the recording, the husband was not acting at the government’s direction, prosecutors said. The woman, Denise Joseph, was one of the alleged straw donors.”

His horrible reasoning isn’t news to anyone familiar with his content. In his eye roll-inspiring movie, 2016: Obama’s America, he makes the “case” that Obama is ant-colonial, and his main example of this is the removal of “THE” Winston Churchill bust from his office. What he fails to mention is that it was one of two WC busts in the White House. The one in the Oval office had been given to George W Bush as a gift. As is tradition when a new President takes office, the former President’s art is replaced by that of the new President’s. The other (the original) Winston Churchill bust, remained in the White House.

But back to D’Souza’s claim that his offense didn’t merit his sentencing and his apples-to-oranges comparison to Rosie O’Donnell’s offense

As the Grober Group explains:

One of the worst campaign finance mistakes that an individual or company can make is reimbursing someone else for making political contributions, which is also known as “making contributions in the name of another” or “straw donations.” It is one of the few campaign finance violations that can result in jail time, yet every election cycle individuals and companies are guilty of violating this rule.

Dinesh D’Souza’s Counseling

D’Souza has complained about being made to receive counseling. However, Judge Berman’s reasoning is believable:

“I’m not singling out Mr. D’Souza to pick on him,” Judge Berman said. “A requirement for psychological counseling often comes up in my hearings in cases where I find it hard to understand why someone did what they did.”
He continued: “That Mr. D’Souza committed this crime involves a colossal failure of insight and introspection. The case notes also say Mr. D’Souza has weaknesses in controlling his own impulses and that he is prone to anger in reaction to criticism.”

Wife Kicker?

A believable diagnosis. After all, D’Souza used both his wife AND his mistress as straw donors. Also, his wife claims that D’Souza was abusive and once used his purple belt karate skills to kick her in the head.