Does Info Wars have the “Globalist Media” on the run? Not likely.

Do Alex Jones’ supplements that he hawks every 5 minutes result in constipation? Who knows!?

If you follow the fake news media (ie. Info Wars) you’ll be treated to the constant meme that the mainstream media is crumbling and that Info Wars apparently has them on the run. Info Wars, according this narrative is growing in influence and the mainstream media is afraid.

In reviewing the available data, it’s not clear what growth they’re referring to. The MSM’s reach has only recently increased and still vastly eclipses that of Info Wars (more on that below). What IW DOES have is a dedicated audience that mops up everything it publishes and distrusts anything and everything coming form the mainstream (or as Jones calls it, “globalist”) media. Just as evolution deniers can stick to creationist websites that assure them that evolution is about to crumble, the IW crowd receives its constant dose of Kool-Aid, telling them that “globalists” are running scared. In both cases, it doesn’t matter that there exists overwhelming disconfirming evidence because its main adherents won’t go looking for it.

To get a sense of where Info Wars is in relation to the apparently-dying traditional media, let’s look at their Alexa stats, which will give us some sense of comparison as well as trends.

InfoWars Website traffic

Info Wars does see a jump. Over the last year their Alexa ranked grew from 3,000 to 2,000. And they are now 959 in the United States. Since the election, their rank has been steadily in decline, and the decline appears to be accelerating. That’s difficult to square with the notion that it’s growing in influence. traffic has been steadily dropping since February.

CNN Website traffic

Did CNN ‘lose’ Alexa rank? Sure, they dropped from 94 to 106 globally (27th in the US). Not surprisingly, also sees a drop after the election. But the drop is sudden and has more or less tapered off and stabilized since February/March 2017. traffic dropped after the election and into February but has more or less stabilized since.

In fact, 2016 appears to have been CNN’s best year ever.

The New York Times Website traffic

Over the last year NYT has dropped from 114 to 120 globally (32 in the US). They also saw a sharp drop after the election (in which they peaked). However, their traffic has been steadily on the rise over the last few months.

This should not be too surprising given the fact that their subscriptions are up.

As far as US website traffic goes. Info Wars trails behind both Daily Kos and


DailyKos gets more traffic than

Vox gets more traffic than

Quick Disclaimer: It’s not entirely clear whether Info Wars considers Daily Kos and to be part of the globalist conspiracy. These sites were just added for comparison.

Of course these are just website stats, and most of the above are more than just websites. Info Wars does say that that their website accounts for 23% of their views, which means that even with all channels combined, they are still only a fraction of or, and this is without including subscriptions or views.

What we do know is that there are around 500–600K viewers watching CNN at any given moment. As for The New York Times, they have about 25 million subscribers, with 2016 being their best year in some time (adding 276K subscriptions in Q3 alone) and increasing ad revenue. If NY Times is failing, this is not in evidence.

The point here isn’t to compare Info Wars to their “globalist” counterparts in some sort of expectation that they should be on par. No one in their right mind would expect this to be an appropriate comparison. But given the Info Wars claim that the MSM is somehow crumbling and being supplanted by IW, it deserves some investigation.

Given Trump’s approval ratings, it’s difficult to imagine that Info Wars is doing much to shape popular opinion, and is mostly preaching to the long-since converted.

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