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Jesse Lee Peterson — The Alt Right’s Useful Idiot

I discovered Jesse Lee Peterson about a year ago when watching his original “interview” with David Pakman. I was appalled at how insanely impossible it was for David to converse with. I wasn’t sure if he was being intentionally dishonest or he was really this dull. See below how unable he seems to grasp David’s most basic points here, including the basic concept of burden of proof, and his attempt to ram an obvious non-sequitur across.

Fast forward to just the other day, and we have yet another similar fiasco. Peterson had Pakman back on the show, and eventually kicked him off simply because he wouldn’t accept his false premises. When Peterson asks Pakman if it’s “progress” that tax money be used for gender reassignment for military members, Pakman explains that it’s actually cheaper than finding and discharging transgender members of the military. This didn’t sit well with Jesse Lee Peterson who ended the interview. He then claimed to not remember having Pakman on the show before, and then subsequently claimed Pakman did the “same thing” last time he was on the show (odd, to say the least).

It’s still not clear at this point if Peterson is really that dim or if his partisanship and/or confirmation bias is simply on overdrive. This is afterall, a guy who calls Trump “The Great White Hope” and refers to the left as “the children of the lie.”

However, in his recent interview with White Nationalist and Separatist Richard Spencer, it becomes clear he is unable to grasp basic concepts and apparently has the memory of a fruit fly. Watch as he (and apparently some of his callers) are unable to grasp the concept that Richard Spencer’s motives aren’t “Pro-America” they are “Pro-Racial Separation.” Jesse Lee Peterson even asks the same questions more than once, apparently forgetting he already asked them 15 minutes ago.

The less-intelligent “pro-America” Trumpbots don’t seem to realize that they are merely tools for a small but somewhat influential group of white nationalists who want nothing to do with non-whites. What these people want are their own “white only” neighborhoods, schools, shopping centers, churches, etc. Concepts like “freedom” and “state’s rights” have long been a useful tool for white nationalists/separatists.

Jesse Lee Peterson vs Mike Enoch

In a “debate:” with Alt Right YouTuber, Mike Enoch, Jesse Lee Peterson makes a fool of himself babbling on about his religion, “the light” and “the Children of the lie.” In attempting to argue that it’s Christianity that have made “white nations” prosper, Enoch counters with the example of the Greco-Roman world, to which Peterson argues “but it didn’t last.” Enoch could (and should) have pressed him for an example of an ancient civilization that did last (the point is obvious…every society eventually crumbles). Apparently Peterson doesn’t see the irony in his own argument. He claims the US is falling apart. Fine, but the US is only slightly over 200 years old. There are countless examples of non-Christian societies that lasted well beyond 200 years.

Just as in his interview/debate with Richard Spencer (and in most of his interviews/debates), Peterson comes off sounding like an ideological buffoon who can’t stop babbling about “true love” and skirting actual policy arguments. This only plays into the alt-right’s characteristic of blacks in general and is perhaps why they are so quick to parade him in front of their followers.

White Male Anger and The Republican Southern Strategy

This is not merely a fringe phenomenon. Since the late 60’s, the Republican strategy has long-since depended on “white anger” and “anti-black” sentiment. Here is a recording of former Republican Strategist Lee Atwater explaining the roots of the Southern Strategy. He explains that things like “tax cuts” are concepts what would clearly be recognized

Here is a “State’s Rights” speech Reagan gave at a location where Civil Rights Activists had been murdered. Keep in mind that Segregation was sold as a “state rights” issue whereby the “problem” with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the fact that the federal government was imposing it on states who opposed it.

Gorilla Mindf*ck: Cernovich ‘explains’ the Alt Right

Cernovich himself doesn’t appear to be an actual racist (his wife is ethnically Persian afterall) but his business model (and for that matter, the business model of other Youtube personalities including Dave Rubin and Sargon of Akkok, yeah, intentional misspelling) has depended on white male (and often, racist) anger. This has been their cash cow whether they admit it or not.

In his book, Gorilla Mindset (not a bad read, BTW), Cernovich clearly lays out his claims that mainstream society has somehow castigated males, and that this has left a viable market to target. He gives no evidence of this castigation, but he realizes no doubt, that there already exists an army of delusional angry (white) males who believe this, so there wasn’t really a need to support his claim. Funny enough, in his videos, Cernovich is always claiming to have “been right” about something and never gives any evidence…the viewer is left with the burden of sifting through his old content in order to support him claim. He no doubt realizes that his viewers aren’t actually going to do this, so he has nothing to lose by making the claim.

The interesting this here is that these white racists have railed against Cernovich for having a Persian wife and for not going far enough. I won’t link to their videos or anything like that because frankly, fuck them. But I do believe that the Cernovichs, Rubins and Sarcocks of the world have fed a Frankenstien to which they won’t associate themselves, even though they’ve ridden their anger into relative prominence.

In their defense, at least they realize this. People like Peterson are unwitting dupes. They think they are helping “America” when in fact they are helping white separatists who want nothing to do with African Americans like Peterson.

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