Mike Cernovich: Fake News Troll Exposed

Mike Cernovich apparently fell for the fake narrative that the Las Vegas shooter was a registered Democrat; Or at least felt the notion was convincing enough to post a video titled “Cerno News Las Vegas Shooter Registered Democrat. ANTIFA member?

He apparently deleted the video, and replaced it with a video in which he states “I don’t want to contribute to false narratives.”

This is relevant because Cernovich, for some time now, has billed himself as someone whose mission is to promote the truth. In truth, he is merely one rung above the likes of Alex Jones. Whereas Jones is deeply embedded in fake news conspiracy theories, Cernovich hedges his bets a bit, playing the conspiracy card enough to stoke the tinfoil hat community, while maintaining some sense of plausible deniability.

Here is an example of how Cernovich has his cake and eats it too.

In his 60 minutes interview, he claimed to truly believe that Hillary Clinton had Parkinson’s. When the interviewer, Scott Pelley pushed him on this, Cernovich placed the onus on the Pelley, asking him why HE though Hillary fell down. To this, Pelley responded by citing what Clinton’s doctor said (that she had a pneumonia). In response, Cernovich expressed incredulity that the interviewer would believe what Clinton’s doctor said.

Cernovich would later explain that, since the MSM expressed doubt as to what Trump’s doctor had to say, he was doing the same. Note, he did not cite any instance where Pelley himself ever expressed doubting Donald Trumps’ doctor. As far as Cernovich is concerned, Pelley is just some nameless face among “the mainstream media” and apparently on the hook for what OTHER people have said.

This is important because Cernovich himself constantly absolves himself from what others in his “alternative media” circles say. He (rightly) asserts that he is only responsible for what he himself says, but when it comes to addressing the mainstream media, he regards individuals as part of some monolith with no individual points of view.

This is the game trolls like Cernovich play. And people like him have found an intellectually lazy demographic they can cater to. Although, it does seem like Cernovich is off to a rocky start.

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