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No, don’t “try” Scientology

“We only make fun of scientolgy because it’s new, It’s no more bat shirt crazy than any other religion.” True enough. But most other religions let you opt out.

Typically, the idea of “trying” something assumes you’re able to opt out and move on without being perpetually pestered by the thing you tried. This isn’t the case with Scientology. Once they have your information they will continue to call (from various numbers) and send you their physical spam. If you don’t answer, they will call whoever you “came in with” as well as whoever you listed as your emergency contact.

Think of that last statement for a minute. When you “try” Scientology, you’re not just giving your own information. Whoever you put down as your emergency contact will also be pestered should you decide to opt out.

Hence, there is no “trying” Scientology, because barring changing your number and physical address, there’s no “untrying.” It’s like deciding you’re going to “try Herpes.” Sorry, you’re stuck with it for life.

Another thing: don’t expect a rational conversation with these people. They’ve been conditioned by speeches and propaganda videos (which they’ll insist you watch). Questioning and countering their “reasoning” just causes them to believe there’s something wrong with YOU (they’ve been conditioned to think in terms of this ad hominem). Notice, these scientologists confront the cameraman by asking “what are your crimes?”

Example of the Scientology ad hominem response

Oh, and the Scientology crazy in the video is wrong. “Enterbulate” IS a ‘word’ L Ron Hubbard made up.

Moral of the story: don’t try Scientology, because you don’t really have the option just to try it.

Leah Remini talking about Scientology on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Ron Miscavage (father of L Ron Hubbard’s successor, David Miscavage) talking about Scientology on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Movie: Going Clear Scientology and the Prison of Belief


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