The Burger King Net Neutrality Video: Correct but an Understatement

Clever, but unlike ISP’s Burger King is actually subject to regional market competition.

Burger King recently released a video where they essentially parody the repeal of net neutrality by having a mock repeal of “Whopper Neutrality.” Customers display frustration at having to choose between:

1- Waiting forever for a whopper in which they paid regular price 
2- Paying $26 to get their whopper right away 
3- Ordering something they don’t want but will be received shortly

As clever and entertaining as this is, it does omit one important factor: Burger King doesn’t enjoy regional monopolies (ISPs’ do). The “free market” dupes will counter the video by (correctly) noting that customers would simply begin avoiding Burger King in favor of other local fast food options and this would result in a financial disadvantage for Burger King.

ISP’s have no such worry, since most internet users are limited in choice to one or two high speed ISP’s. In other words, customers could be forced to choose between Comcast and Verizon, both of whom are throttling Netflix (or increasing streaming costs for the service) in favor of their own competing streaming services.

Nevertheless, the video was clever. But I fear that the uneven analogy opens up a flawed argument for the “free market PWNs ALL” crowd (Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Milo Yiannopoulos, etc).

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