Since the very first experiments that @Vue.js tweeted, we at (the biggest food ordering and delivering company in China) have been working on upgrading our mobile website to a Progressive Web App. We’re proud to ship the world-first PWA exclusively for the Chinese market, but even prouder to collaborate with Google, UC and Tencent to push the boundary of web experience and browser supports in China.

Multi-page, Vue, PWA?

There is a prevailing opinion that only structuring a web app as a Single Page App can we build PWAs that deliver app-like user experience. …

SW-Precache is a great Service Worker tool from Google. It is a node module designed to be integrated into your build process and to generate a service worker for you. Though you can use sw-precache out of the box, you might still wonder what happens under the hood. There you go, this article is written for you!


The core files involving in sw-precache are mainly three:

├ sw-precache.js
└ functions.js

sw-precache.js is the main entry of the module. It reads the configuration, processes parameters, populates the service-worker.tmpl template and writes the result into specified file. Andfunctions.js

Xuan Huang

@huxpro At twitter/github. Team Web. Worked at Facebook, Alibaba,, Spoke at JSConfCN, QCon, GDG.

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