You should Interested in People,

A book that i recently read, How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie. That’s at great book, I recommend this book specially to students of sociology, marketing, and Business.In this book Dale Carnegie Describe his different experiences, and tell the stories of different people. He share a story of an American business man, he deals in petrol. And that person try to sale petroleum products to a big chain of grosary store. That chain of grocery stores situated in his city but they bought petroleum products from an other sales, Once he met to the chain store owner and discuss about sales of petrol. but he refuse to buy petrol with him. After that he tried again but he will not succeeded. Then once there was a debate held in city the topic was ‘ the harmful effects of grocery chain stores in the city’.

The Business man decided to dealer a debate on who the grocery stores are facilitating the society, who they work for social responsibility,and defend the counter arguments. during his preparations of debate, he contact to the grocery store, and told them i am not here for sale of petroleum, but i want a little help who can i tremendously deliver speech in favour of grocery stores, The owner of grocery store was very happy at that time they fully help me and provided relevent facts to me, And they spend approximately 2 hours with me, at the end of meeting an official come with me to see off, and he said me you come again we will discuss the order of petroleum products.

And in his book Dale shere a story of Sales person , that sales person every time say hello and greeting to the store clerical staff and other employees. Once he went to store the owner of the store refuse to buy his brand Jonson and Jonson products, he came back then he again visit to meet the owner to discuss about problem, when he arrived there the one employees said that, the only sales person has right to deliver his supplies to our store, because he is the only person they say Hello to me, Then they start my supply again and double order gave to me.

I tried my best to apply Dale roles in my life, these days i live at house mostly, so i make discussion with my family and friends, I talk to my mother about daily life routines. I talked to my sister and discuss her future planes, she done his BS with Bio technology, Now she is planing to take admission in M pill. she is applying in NIAB, and NIBGE. These are famous institutes of Micro Biology.

I also discuss to my younger brother, about his future planes, yesterday is the day when his metric results was come, he scored 610 marks in that exam, he is a mediocre type of student and he wants to do ICS in future and he wanted to become a IT or CS professional.

In future i will adopt the Dale principles in my life to socialize with people, friends, and society.