3 UX/UI Mistakes That Must be Taken Into Consideration

User Interface design is a critical aspect of any app that plays an important role from the users perspective because the design of UI of defines whether a user will explore the app or just quit from it. Several apps get fail because of developer’s fundamental design mistakes. If talk about User experience (UX), it shows whether a particular app is suitable or not.

It’s crucial from developer’s point of view to focus on end product during development cycle of an application. Therefore, it’s necessary to solve the issues with perfections to develop user friendly app. In addition, here are some common UX & UI mistakes shared to keep in mind while designing the application.

UX/UI Mistakes to Avoid:
• There may confusion between web UX & mobile UX. UX characteristic of a web page is different from app designing that is specifically for a mobile platform only.

• An application should be built in a way to that specifies your user’s requirement. App should fulfill the expectation of users in a way that your products take a substantial growth with positive feedback's.

• Build an app so that it should operate with proper functionality. If your app doesn’t functionalize according to user expectation, you will lose your audience with low ratings & negative feedback's of your app.
Not Fulfilling the User Expectation for Sign in Process:
• The main purpose of making sign up process is for engaging the more & more user successfully. If sign up form is complicated with uninterested user interface, the user will quit the site.

• When Signing-up the forms, it generally asked to create a unique kind of user name to access the website which is very irritating for users. Instead of asking for creating user name on priority, you should consider it as a secondary formality. This way, you would not user sign-ups.

• Several sign-up processes ask users to create the password in two different fields, one for the security reasons & another for removing the typographical mistakes. These forces users to type more as well as they’re unable to see their input characters they are typing. In addition, there should be one field for creating password; also there must be an option to view the password which the user creates.

Not Giving Priority on Responsiveness:

• Presently, 80% of the users expect application to install quickly as well as with quick responses on every single tap they make. Mobile users want their work done on particular app instantly, whether they’re busy in accomplishing their business work or if they are not even so much engaged.

• In addition, the responsiveness of an app here is an utmost important to work for. A single bit of lagging of an application will make user to quit the app.

• Therefore, it’s crucial to focus on processing time of an app as well as on lucrative user interface that make user to install your application product & keep engaged.

The Wrap:

Just try to avoid the above mentioned UX mistakes to get positive user experience for your product. As app development is a technological process which changes as per the technology, the designing must be implemented as per the end user expectations. Also, implementing the testing process will help you on improvising your mistakes.