Life taught me well

The year of 2016 was one that was challengingly blessed. I grew a lot during this season of my life. I don’t mean that in a physical sense. I mean life showed me great moments, and low moments, but ultimately each worked for my good. The knowledge I gained from these experiences is what uplifts me. If I were to sum it up I would break it down to 10 main lessons learned.

1) I learned that self control is the key to living. Everything that is connected to us only became that way by someone making a choice. This year showed me that I am in control of my story and I decide how the story ends, based upon the decisions I make. I can choose to make my life better or worse.

2) I learned that my future decisions are what define me not my past. Just because i’ve made bad choices in the past doesn’t mean I can’t prepare for a better tomorrow. Everyday I have the opportunity to become a new me if desired.

3) I learned that my friends and family love and support me but i’m the only one who without a doubt has an indefinite impression on my life. If I don’t choose to make things happen for myself no one will do it for me. I desire to have a great future but i’m the only one who can ensure that desire comes to life.

4) I learned that life is about adjusting regularly. Growing up this year, graduating high school, enrolling into college, i’ve had to make some tough adjustments. Through these experiences I realized that the one who can make these adjustments with an open mind is better off. They enjoy life so much more because they are able to bounce up from where ever life throws them.

5) I learned that my true love and passion is in fashion. Participating in a summer fashion internship I learned that i’ve always wanted to work in that field. I realized fashion is what makes me smile.

6) I learned to understand myself and others. This summer I spent a great amount of time soul searching. In the process of finding myself I related a lot of my own situations to those of others. I discovered that most people endure some of the same experiences, causing them to gain the same outlook in some cases. Understanding how I felt I can make decisions on certain matters in a way that I feel would be beneficial to everyone.

7) I learned that my downfall in school is procrastination due to lack of motivation. I found myself digging into death wholes my senior year of high school because I lack motivation. I had no drive, no push, so I often pushed back anything concerning my education. Resulting in major failure.

8) I learned that life is a battle and that people are at war everyday. Until graduation I never had a clear understanding of what the real world was about. Finally going off to college, I converse with friends and learn from their life experiences. I learned that life is extremely difficult for some, and I learned from government class that the government is hardly ever in favor of the people.

9) I learned that life’s only worth living if you’re spending most of your time doing things you’re passionate about. Over the course of this year i’ve had many ups and downs but in the end I realized I only felt good when I was busy doing things I love. Why live an unhappy life?

10) I learned that small steps toward your big picture goal is what it takes to achieve the picture. A painter has to use small brush strokes to create a giant painting. For me I can imagine what I would like for my life to look like. So in efforts to achieve this dream I try to make as many steps toward that direction as possible. For example my dream is to be a world renowned fashion exhibitor. Well my first brush stroke will be putting together a theatrical art show.

Life is about learning, implementing, and growing. I believe it takes place in that order exactly. I can only become a greater me from this point on, and I will do so. The year 2016 was amazing. Now I’m going to take what i’ve learned and implement the knowledge effectively during my next journey of 365 days.