Why I Won’t Make it Past Your Careers Page
LaToya Allen

Dodged a bullet! We used real employee pics, not stock photos on our career page: https://www.hytrust.com/company/careers/ . We have a tall black man (one of our most successful sales reps), a short indian woman (CTO), some white guys in bicycle garb of varying height and and a couple engineers, one a tall white guy and the other a medium height guy from Hong Kong (good engineer and a killer cook). We have an indian woman running QA, an asian woman as the CFO and a mix of black, white, latino, indian, asian, straight, gay and various others all though out the organization. But here’s the thing — race, color, creed — all that, is simply not a thing a HyTrust. We hire the best we can find and while a good mix makes for a more interesting workplace it really is color (and gender etc) blind and we don’t discriminate in favor or against anyone for anything — it’s all about the skills, attitude and aptitude that you bring to the game.

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