A Book Report of The Alchemist

A fantastic book.


I had finished reading this book for a few days.The reason why I read this book just because a podcast episode. It said that the book change many people’s life,so I wonder how magic the book is that can make such a big difference in it’s reader’s life.


The story is about a boy called Santiago.He was a shepherd,and he was going to get married to a merchant’s daughter.But he had dreamed that he has many treasure in a pyramid for twice.And then, he met a Gypsy woman and an old king,they told him to achieve his dream.

The boy got to Africa by boat.But he was cheated in a bar and lost all his money.Then he climbed a mountain and find a crystal shop.He worked with the crystal merchant for a year and got many money.

He joined a caravan to cross the Sahara.He met and Englishman that wanted to see an old alchemist.After a long journey,the caravan arrived in an oasis.

The boy found a girl called Fatima,he loved the girl when he first look at her.The Englishman and the boy met the old alchemist,the boy talked his dream to the alchemist,and the alchemist wanted to help the boy to get to the pyramid.

On the way from the oasis to the pyramid,the boy had learned some of Language of the World and Soul of the World.In a tribal war,the boy turned himself into wind and hit enemy.

At the end of the book,the boy arrived at the pyramid,but he met some bad people and they took all his money away.He never stop digging,and finally found his treasure.

It is a very short story that even less than 170 pages,but it is really meaningful.

When the boy met Fatima,he didn’t want to keep searching his treasure.But the alchemist said:

Love never keeps a man from pursuing his Personal Legend.If he abandons that pursuit,it’s because it wasn’t true love.

Everything has it own Personal Legend,just like the boy’s treasure,to find it,to achieve it,can really makes a big difference in your life.

Maybe the boy’s treasure is just the treasure in the pyramid,or is everything he met,Fatima,the alchemist,the crystal merchant,Language of the World……,but not just the treasure in the pyramid.

There is also a interesting story in the book

A boy want to know the secret of happiness,so he ask a wise man.“I don't have enough to explain it to you,Iwant to ask you todo something else.”said the wise man.Then he give the boy a spoon with two drops of oil.“You can visit around my house,but don’t let the oil out of the spoon.”

In the following two hours,the boy always focus on the spoon,and hardly ever look at the beautiful house.

“Have you seen the beautiful paints on the wall?”the wise man ask the boy.The boy said “no.” “So,do it again.”

In the following two hours, the boy always focus on the beautiful house and hardly ever look at the spoon.

“Have you visited my home?”the wise man asked. “Yes.”said the boy. “but where is the oil?”.The boy look at his spoon,the oil is already dropped.

“This is want I want to tell you.When you are visiting the beautiful world,don't forget the two drops of oil in your spoon.”

The wise man said.

I think this story is the most meaningful in the book.

When you are visiting the beautiful world,don’t forget the two drops of oil in your spoon.

That’s the secret of happiness.

That’s what I think of this book.

Thank you for reading.