Making a Small Office

Reflections on making a small office from experience

Having some office space, or a meeting place, is a source of frustration for many small companies. Here we share a couple of guidelines about the decision process for making an office space and help decision makers get back to answering the hard questions.

RULE #1: You Don’t Need an Office

I can’t really stress this one enough. People think they need to have a place for deceptive rationales: there needs to be a place to meet, there needs to be internet, or even we need a place for things to be shipped. It’s the 21st century. You can meet at a friends house or apartment where there is already internet & you can ship things almost anywhere. Go to a Starbucks or a Panera Bread. For technical companies especially, I found very little value in having a space before there is funding or customers and a need to be in the same space together.

RULE #2: The greatest value gained is in having a meeting space

Having a place where team members are comfortable speaking there mind is the most valuable aspect of a meeting space. Don’t go all out to begin. If you start small and need more space, that’s ok. It’s easier to get bigger when you need it then to over expand unnecessarily.

RULE #3: GO SLOW. REALLY S…….L……..O……..W

You’re small and you’re not going to be experience 400% growth a quarter. Even if you have money to spend, I think there are wiser places to spend money than hiring a interior designer. Just find a friend that will give you advice on how to furnish the place. The bare minimum for what you need should be placed in the space and later you can add what people want. We recently just placed a table in our room below:

Our office is still a work in progress, but it’s fluid and that tables has and will receive plenty of use. We’re about to put cool high desks in to not have to pay for these automatic desks. Instead, we’re going to just build the desks (remember, do you really need it?). I’ll leave you guys with a panorama of the space that was taken a week after the first picture (it’s now much nicer). Thanks and remember that if you’re small, your office is and should be wherever you’re working that day.

After: Space started filling in & evolving
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