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Hello everyone,

I am admin of hyip.net hyip monitor.

Hyip.net is a website and online platform that monitor HYIP (high yield investment programs) programs and update their paying status every day depended in their situation. It means if we found a program that doesn’t pay to investors or stop paying to them, we will change their status to problem, not paying and finally to scam status.
This means you can check hyip.net website every day and every time before investing with HYIPs and after checking their status next go for invest.

We also have different useful functions that members can use them such as voting system, add to favorite HYIP programs, Referral commission back (RCB), other hyip monitors status, hyip news, hyip review, hyip interview and …

Also because we want to support our members against scam hyip programs, we have placed a report scam application form to collect information about HYIP programs that don’t pay to you and you can report them to us easily. We will investigate about your report depended in your sent data to us and do correct decide after investigation about them.

Then be with us and signup with hyip.net website right now. — — —
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