Hylke de Jong
Feb 19, 2018 · 1 min read

Hi Huub, thanks for your response! Regarding the Cypress limitations mentioned in your video, I don’t think they are that severe.

Cross-browser support is not yet implemented, but the DEV’s did indicate that it’s one of their most requested features. Because of that, they already started working on it. You can also read up on why they don’t consider it a priority at the moment. If you really need cross-browser support now, then I would advise going with webdriverIO, for instance.

While Cypress doesn’t think the page object model is necessary, it is supported. Like I mentioned in my blog, Cypress is just JavaScript. You can easily create page objects just like you would with any other tool and use them in your tests.

Regarding reading files and 3rd party reporters, I’m not sure what the issues are the author of the video has, but again, both are supported: readFile, Reporters.

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