Ronald Reagan’s Alma Mater Is Censoring Conservatism?!

So you’re a Conservative at former president Ronald Reagan’s alma mater…that means you’re safe to express your views openly, right?


Jordan Morris, a student at Eureka College, is claiming that his attempts to create a Conservative group on his school’s campus are being unnecessarily hindered by the school’s Student Senate.

Campus Reform has the story:

Jordan Morris, a student at Eureka, told Campus Reform that he has been trying since the start of the school year to secure recognition from the Student Senate for a Conservative Union student group, which would function as an umbrella for several subordinate conservative organizations, but has repeatedly been rejected on the basis of semantic concerns that he claims have not been leveled against less-thorough constitutions submitted by other proposed groups.

The group’s founders have been searching for ways to spread Conservatism on campus. Their idea of creating a ‘Reagan’s Roots’ conference is just one example of the organizations plans for the future.

However Morris has had difficulty securing faculty advisers for multiple groups he was hoping to bring to life, such as Students for Concealed Carry and Young Americans for Freedom.

Working through the challenges presented to him, the student and other group members began handing out invitations for their Constitution Day celebration in September. The Dean of Students, Jeffrey Coats, intercepted the members and refused to allow them to host their event, saying that the group was not approved.

The student organization had submitted their application nearly six weeks prior.

“[T]hey told us that our groups had to be separate, as the Student Senate needs to be able to regulate each one individually,” Morris told Campus Reform, adding that they made the appropriate changes and re-submitted the application, only to have it rejected again.
“We were then told that our constitutions were too weak; then, that there were too many grammatical errors; then, that they needed bylaws; then, that they needed more-specific bylaws,” he recounted, adding, “[t]his fight for approval has been going on for weeks.”

While Morris agreed that a few revisions needed to be made to the document, he also stated that other groups on campus are held to a lower standard. He claims that the constitutions were “far more perfect than the other groups that have been approved unanimously over the course of the past few months.”

So why is the Student Senate at Eureka so hostile towards an organization simply trying to express their political viewpoints?

Last month Jordan Morris finally received copies of the rejected constitutions, which has been excessively marked up with comments by the Student Organization Committee.

Campus Reform explains the politically charged comments made by the Student Committee:

The preamble to the YAL group’s constitution, for instance, asserts that “government is the negation of liberty,” to which the committee responded, “so anarchy?”
Perhaps the most revealing comment, though, came in response to the group’s intention “to distribute literature and materials that promote the ideals of the Club.”
“I would call it propaganda,” one of the committee members wrote.

These were just a few examples of the Liberal bias presented by Eureka.

At the beginning of the document the committee was quoted as writing, “abortion is a religiously-centered issue.” They proceeded to question the need for a separate pro-life group at the college, since there are several religious student organizations already existing on campus.

Morris proceeded to file a complaint with the Dean of Students, who followed up by claiming both parties were at fault.

The Chairman of the Student Organizations Committee has since stepped down from his post. Jordan Morris believes that this student took the fall for the discrimination against his organization.

The bias of campus administrators and student governments across America is beginning to be quite clear. This is yet another example of a Conservative group being censored on campus (Student Sues Her School Over Denying Conservative Club On Campus).

But at Ronald Reagan’s old stomping grounds?

C’mon now.

H/T: Campus Reform

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