Intel’s acquisition of Artificial Intelligence start up Nervana Systems to give boost to its innovation labs

Sunia Mukherjee | Aug 12, 2016 11:08 AM EDT

Intel Reports Quarterly Earnings (Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Nervana Systems, which is a start-up and is considered to be a leader in developing machine learning technology is all set to complete its acquisition by the IT giant Intel. Intel’s artificial intelligence innovations are expected to capture the market with this acquisition.

According to Fortune, this take-over will bring Intel at a better platform in the world of artificial intelligence. Nervana’s machine learning system uses open-sourced software platform and this successful two year old company had developed this platform which is capable to do multiple jobs like analyzing seismic data, looking at plant genomes, finding places which might be potential oil beds etc.

Intel’s spokespersons however declined to comment on the purchase price of this acquisition and the vice president of Intel Inc. Jason Waxman is all set to unleash a new era for the company. The company had switched from PCs to servers and had come up with the latest innovation driven technologies in cloud computing. Now the focus of the company will be all set out for artificial intelligence (AI).

Waxman, who is the head of the data center solutions group is very positive about this change. “Right now, we’re on the precipice of the next big wave, artificial intelligence,” clarified the vice-president. “We’re already seeing real deployments.”

Intel’s research and development wing had been working on the company’s popular line of Xeon general purpose computing chips till now. After this acquisition, there will be significant growth in the area of AI and the specialized chips of Nervana will be integrated with the existing ones of Intel.

Last year Xeon Phi was released by Intel and this chip possessed large-scale parallel processing capabilities. It was an instant success and the company feels that their research work will continue in this field. Naveen Rao, the co-founder of Nervana feels that their technology can very well befit the one of Intel. It is expected that the Nervana chips will be released in the market in 2017.

Even though earlier Nervana chips were running on Nvidia chips, now with this acquisition, the complete scene will evolve. According to recode, this deal will be closed in $400 million USD. So now cloud computing will get a forward boost with the inclusion of AI in its domain. Till then watch the new arrivals in Intel.

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