The latest HyperSpace update introduces a new kind of Space Managers: Moderators, bringing significant changes to the distribution of AMPs.

Check out the full details here.

Substantial changes are coming to HyperSpace’s UBI economy, with the first major update being the untethering of AMP UBI from the US dollar.

HyperSpace is optimizing the mechanics of the UBI prototype.

Step one is untethering AMP from USD and committing to a quarterly update schedule. Read more for additional info and future plans.

Following the community vote on which bugs and new features should be prioritized, the HyperSpace team will begin evaluating the feasibility and practicality of implementing each idea, and direct resources towards the highest-ranked items.

Read more and view the poll results here.

It’s Bugfest Poll Time!

The HyperSpace product team has created a poll where all users can rank their preferences for the next HyperSpace features and bug fixes.

After the poll results are in, HyperSpace resources will be directed towards the highest-ranked items.

Click here to vote.

What’s up with HyperSpace wallets? HyperSpace is working on implementing wallets to facilitate deposits and withdrawals, but regulatory/KYC issues are delaying the process.

In the meantime, HyperSpace will rely on UBI to support the economy, and will raise the amount to $2.00 per day.

Read the full story here.

HyperSpace is soon introducing a new core feature to the platform, opening a path to new ways to use AMPs in HyperSpace.

Read more here.

The next HyperSpace version will include a core feature that we’ll showcase in detail in the coming weeks. Right after that, the search feature will be implemented.

HyperSpace Search Function

Read more here.

The email digest includes your personal HyperSpace income and performance details, as well as recommendations for some great content.

Read more:

Over the two months since the launch of the beta, the HyperSpace team has learned a lot about how our users use the platform and what they like and dislike about it.

Following the next version, slated for April 10th, we’re going to take a short detour from our previously scheduled roadmap, and focus on meeting your feedback and requests.

Read more:


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