The Accidental Feminist: Our Lunch Talk with Claire Wasserman

When you first meet Claire, you’re impressed by her energy. She’s a tour de force. But what’s more is her passion. Like many women, Claire’s path towards feminism was one of self-discovery. Claire is the founder of Ladies Get Paid, a company dedicated to building a network for women to advocate for themselves at work. Claire aptly named her presentation “Accidental Feminist,” highlighting that she wasn’t always the advocate she is today. She struggled to share her story of countless microagressions and gender politics in the workplace. Through countless conversations amongst her working women friends in person and on Slack, she found a common thread. She wasn’t alone.

Her candid honesty paid off. Ladies Get Paid is somewhat of a unicorn — it’s part corporation, safe haven, think tank, and support center. They provide professional development, education, a platform for women to speak their truth, and support with financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Above all, it’s a community both online and off. Through town halls, workshops, and team building programs, Ladies Get Paid is actively changing the way we think about equality.

It’s no surprise that our Lunch Talk was one of the most unique we’ve had to date. What began as a compelling presentation of Claire’s story and work ended as a thought-provoking town hall conversation. With a mix of perspectives, ages, cultures, and gender identities, we sat together and listened to each other’s stories. What made the biggest impression was the sense of the work that is left to be done.

It’s important that we have these conversations, but what’s more is that we work tirelessly to make these conversations inclusive and representative of all cultures and communities, as these struggles in the workplace are universal. The work Claire and Ladies Get Paid does is a formidable step in the right direction.

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