Are you aware of the appearance of bias in your statement “if the left wants to hold the mainstream…
Tim Knowles

I am aware. Thank you for pointing that out. I meant this as an opinion piece for a specific audience, though all audiences are welcome and encouraged to engage with it. I was specifically thinking of some extremes I’ve encountered when trying to engage with that particular audience, and how they’ve affected me.

You make another good point: What is truth? I think the way I’m intending to mean the idea of telling the truth is in reporting with verifiable facts and being very clear when something is opinion writing vs. reporting, and also taking the time to examine gray areas. A lot of times, when a reporter is writing a piece to refute another piece that is already ignoring a big part of the true argument, it feels to me like going in circles around an extreme, and skirting around the gray area and the actual issue in full.

Maybe then, being clear what audience one intends writing for is also important in opinion pieces. I think, though, that for prominent opinion writers this is already known.

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!

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